New Thing #61: Fund a Kickstarter Project


I love the idea of for funding good ideas thought up by ordinary people. “New Digital Fonts from Rare Letterpress Wood Type” caught my eye today and I thought, what the hey, I’ll give them ten bucks to revive a few beautifully crafted sets of woodtype.

Yes, I’m a type-nerd. I blame a combination of my German design roots and Greg Smith (my very first Art Director who could identify any face at 40 paces) for that. 


About dangaede

Creative Director and espresso lover.

One response to “New Thing #61: Fund a Kickstarter Project

  1. greg smith

    dan!this is a cool thing to do (i mean in a larger sense)although an alarming number of your activities seem to involve alcoholi just saw the comment on my video on gail’s youtube thingyi’m pretty sure she doesn’t check the email that it’s linked to anymorehope all is welli’m trying to get my own kickstarter project off the groundto cut a woodtype version of a typeface i designedbut they don’t accept canadianstake care and drop me a line sometimegreg

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