New Thing #52: Play Portal 2 Co-Op



The original Portal will always be one of the top ten games I’ve ever played. No other game can make you feel like you’re a complete idiot one moment and a genius the next. And now that Portal 2 has co-op it brings that to completely new level.

The game itself is just oozing with character. The humour and voice acting is almost beyond compare. And Stephen Merchant’s in it, yes, that Stephen Merchant. 

Apart from accidentally crushing my partner in one level we got through the first section fairly unscathed. I’m sure the puzzles are going to become increasingly head banging and become a true test of friendship in later levels though. After you’ve been at it for over an hour without a solution, I’m things are going to get a little tense. I can’t wait though, because it’s that wall you hit that makes the solution that much sweeter.

PS. This is the antithesis of Metal Gear Solid 4


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