New Thing #51: Play a Metal Gear Game


There are some hallowed video game franchises that I just never got around to playing. Either because they were on platforms I didn’t have or just due to a lack of interest on my part. The Metal Gear Solid series is probably the biggest of the bunch that I never laid my gaming hands on until today.

And call me an XBox fanboy if you will but Metal Gear Solid 4, the crowning achievement of the series according to most, is a complete piece of s#%t.

I know that I’m not generally a stealth game lover, but my recent experience with Splinter Cel: Conviction had me rethinking that stance. I mean that was a game that blended stealth, action, storytelling and FUN together perfectly. And with amazingly tight controls.

This game is just all over the place. You can barely aim. You have to hit hree buttons to even look down the barrel of your gun and you run about as fast as an anteater with its tail tied to a brick. Cover never works right and the AI is just plain stupid. And the cut scenes. God, the cutscenes.

I’d like to say it’s just my lack of Metal Gear history that made them so ridiculous but from what I hear nonsensical story telling is sort of the “charm” of the series. They go on forever and pop up every five minutes. There was even an ENTIRE LEVEL THAT WAS A SINGLE CUTSCENE! 

Never, ever, play Metal Gear Solid 4. Now I need a drink.



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