New Thing #49: Nintendo 3DS


For the life of me, I just don’t get this whole 3D thing. 

For the few seconds that I played the Nintendo 3DS it was neat. It really felt like I was looking “into” the screen. Very TARDIS-like that way. Then I moved it a millimetre to the left and my entire brain just about broke in two. 

I loved my DS back before I had an iPhone. It did what it needed to do: got out of the way and let me play some games on the go. But when I was playing Pilotwings Resort on the 3DS, it was more fun when I turned the 3D off than it was with it on. The only real 3D fun I had with the thing was playing Face Raiders, a weird augmented reality mashup where you shoot spheres of your face.

This is one gaming platform thatI’m definitely skipping.



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