New Thing #47: Microsoft Surface


We’ve all probably seen the Microsoft Surface video mashup that says that Microsoft’s idea of the future is a “big ass table“.

Well, I finally got my hands on one and, yeah, that about sums it up. But it’s still a pretty cool table!

Back before we had iPads I think it would have been a lot more impressive but since multi-touch devices are so prevalent in our lives now it just feels natural to have a giant touch screen in front of you. And I think that’s both awesome and sad at the same time.

We’re living in the future people, and it’s already feeling mundane. Luckily there’s a new version of Microsoft Surface coming this summer that’s bigger, faster, thinner and has a much higher resolution. I think that if developers embrace the idea of objects interacting with the device (something that iOS doesn’t do) we’re in for something special. For now though, it’s pretty much an expensive piece of furniture.



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