New Thing #46: Boilermaker


DISCLAIMER: the above video is actually my second attempt at drinking a Boilermaker. I was errant in my camera app responsibilities the first round. 

When I was a kid I distinctly remember my parents taking me out to a bar in Stoney Creek for wings called “Boilermaker’s”. Ok, I’m not so sure about the apostrophe, but you get the point. 

I think it was in that dark, underground pub that my dad told me what a Boilermaker was; a beer that you drop whiskey into and then drink. Somehow, all these years it’s existed as a mythical purple Flintstone’s drink that shoots sparks out the top. Obviously that’s kept this particular libation at arm’s length for me for a very long time. 

But tonight was our first inaugural monthly assembly of Wing Club, and I wanted to do something new that I could involve the entire club in, so Boilermakers it was. 

Two Boilermakers in, I have to say that they’re pretty damned tasty even if I didn’t chug the whole thing. In fact it’s probably better that way; the whisky really makes a nice addition to a pale ale. I think this is one I’ll order of my own accord in the future, whether Andrew, Joe or Ken like it or not. 


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One response to “New Thing #46: Boilermaker

  1. kat

    Brings me back to university and what I believe were called ghostbusters – similar mixing method, but comprised of a rum & coke and a b-52.

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