New Thing #45: Wensleydale Cheese


This one might seem mundane to you, but it’s actually quite special to me. Tonight I tasted Wensleydale cheese, something I’ve wanted to try since I was twelve years old, listening to my first Monty Python album.

Said cheese was the namesake of a cheese shop proprietor in my favourite and aptly titled sketch “Cheese Shop“. You can watch the program performance above which is only slightly less funny than the album version I listened to repeatedly as a kid. I think it’s the bouzouki performance that really puts the album version over the top.

But how was this cheesy convestible? Fantastic. It had a nice crumbly texture and a taste reminiscent of an aged white cheddar. I found myself digging into the block long after I should have stopped my sampling.

In fact I’m going to wrap this up now so I can go eat some more. 



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