New Thing #44: Tamarillo


When I was in the grocery store yesterday I spied these funny, red, plum tomato type things in the fruit section. I was pretty sure I hadn’t tried one, so I threw a couple of them in my basket. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t very careful at jotting down what they were called in my head. 

I thought they were Tomatillas from Mexico but when I checked them out on Wikipedia I realized I was quite mistaken. It turns out they’re actually Tamarillos from New Zealand. Funny how they ended up side by each in the Loblaws.

With my new found knowledge and spoon in hand, I dug in. And what an array of unexpected tastes awaited me. The fruit was tarty, earthy and sort of sweet at the same time with this sort of wheat grass kick.

The flesh was akin to a cantaloupe and the seeds were papaya like in texture. The blood red seeds made nice juicy marks against the orange flesh as I went to work with my spoon, which I also liked. I finished off one and a half in no time.

But that’s not to say that they’re for everyone. Shauna promptly spit her half out into the sink after just one bite. I wish I had caught that one on video.



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