New Thing #34: See A Lacrosse Game


Believe it or not, I love sports. But only when I see them live.

I’ve always been curious about lacrosse, especially since it’s technically our national sport. I got to the ACC tonight to see the Toronto Rock around start time and was blown away by the number of people in line.

Lucky for me two super fans were behind me who got singled out for free tickets. And I got to tag along.

I quickly parlayed what I would have spent on tickets into one big ass beer and sat down for three hours of gripping entertainment.

It was like watching video game hockey. Every pass landed, one timers were fast and furious and the fans were out of control.

Aside from the drunk douche sitting behind me (his best witticism of the night was “Washington needs to wash their face!”) it was a fantastic night.

13-12 for Toronto in overtime. It’s nice to see a home team win in the ACC for a change.



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