New Thing #29: See a Feature Length IMAX Film



I’ve seen a few IMAX films in my time, but they were always short films designed to show off the technology. I’ve never sat through a real big-budget Hollywood movie before, though.

Today I saw Sucker Punch in IMAX. I figured it was the perfect movie to finally pay the extra cash to see as big as possible. Explosions, zeppelins, exploding zeppelins…who wouldn’t want to see that two stories high?

And overall it was worth it, although the graininess of the film was rather disappointing considering the IMAX lead-in promised a crystal clear picture. And I was surprised how much of a superior sound experience it was compared to a normal cinema.

So was it worth the $17.75? Probably not, but that’s because the film I saw today didn’t blow me out of the water. But I’ll certainly consider it the next time Batman hits the big screen.



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