New Thing #28: Get a Professional Shave



It’s hard not to romanticize this one.

Angelo has run his one room barber shop for the last 49 years. The first thing I thought walking into Four Seasons Barber Shop was that I’d made the right decision coming here.

Because when you sit down and pay someone to pull a straight razor on you, you want it be a professional. And that professional is Angelo.

What I could make out from his broken English is that he trained in Italy and opened up his shop when the Danforth was a very different place. And it hasn’t changed much in that time. I’m pretty sure the same wallpaper still adorns the walls that was there the day he opened and the perfectly maintained and extremely comfortable barber’s chair that I sat in is his original. 

But enough about the place, I’m here to talk about the shave.

Shaving has always been utility to me. I never realized that a real shave is so much more than removing the bristle from your face. It’s the hot towels opening up your pores, the different aromas from the oils and creams mixing with one another to form something new. It’s the way your skin feels as it’s pushed and pulled to reveal follicles that may have been missed. It’s the absolute care in which the barber goes to work with each determined flick of his blade. 

It made me nostalgic for the days before the Hair Salons moved into town and I used to see Joe the Barber once a month. It also made me sad to have gone so long without a professional shave.

I’m a convert.



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