New Thing #18: Sugar Apple


I saw these sugar apples at T&T Supermarket and was intrigued; these were completely foreign to me. So I picked up a couple to try.

I’m glad I did, even though there is a lot more work than reward to eating the fruit. The seeds are toxic and it’s the meat housing those seeds that are the yummy bits. I’d liken it to a brazil nut for effort vs food. The taste makes up for it though. 

The meat is very sweet and silky in texture. It almost has a hint of mango underneath but smoother. I decimated an entire fruit and had to keep myself from eating the second one so that I can share it with my family later tonight.

They’re definitely a treat.

[UPDATE] Having eaten the second sugar apple for dessert tonight I heartily endorse the use of a grapefruit spoon if you have one. It makes the whole thing go a lot quicker.



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