New Thing #11: Wheatgrass Shot


Every day around 3:00pm I hit a wall. In my older years I’ve become much more productive in the morning so I usually grab a tea or latte in the afternoon to give me a boost. Today I decided to try a wheatgrass shot in place of my regular caffeine fix. 

I trundled off to Booster Juice in the underground below my office building. Five minutes and half a piece of fresh sod later I had my double shot in hand anda complimentary pineapple juice chaser to boot.

That’s not to say I was especially looking forward to drinking anything that smelt like my lawn after a fresh cut. That it was offered up with a sweet and tasty beverage to drink immediately afterwards was not convincing me this was a good idea either.

Surprisingly though, I liked it. It may smell like lawn clippings but it tastes quite sweet and not nearly as grasslike as expected. I even have to say I felt a bit reinvigorated afterwards as well. I’m definitely going to try this again.



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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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