New Thing #7: Absinthe


It turns out that today is National Absinthe Day and I just so happen to have gotten my hands on a bottle of Taboo from B.C. A giant thank you goes to my friend Trini who not only shipped it to me in time but made a much belated (and very appreciated) wedding gift out of it.

Absinthe is definitely one of those things I have always wanted to try. Oscar Wilde is one of my most revered writers and I have quite an affection for Moulin Rouge. I missed out on the absinthe bars while I was in New Orleans a while back but I blame that on the Hurricanes (the drink variety, not Katrina). 

I don’t expect to see any Green Fairies as I’m pretty sure the hallucinogenic qualities of Absinthe of old have been removed but I am very interested in the taste and the ritual that goes along with it. All that being said I’m writing this before I actually taste the stuff just in case.

I wasn’t able to secure a proper absinthe spoon in time, so I improvised with a slotted jam spoon from Kitchen Stuff Plus instead. I hope this doesn’t make me a monster in the eyes of the Absinthe Illuminati.

To see what I thought of it, watch the video below. I’m quite keen to find out myself.



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One response to “New Thing #7: Absinthe

  1. steve of the web

    stoutly done

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