New Thing #6: Windows Phone 7



I’ve been dying to try out the new Windows Phone 7 operating system ever since the interface was unveiled. And after a couple of failed attempts at finding a working HTC HD7 (not a good first impression) I got my hands on a Samsung Focus.

And here’s the shocker: I think it’s awesome.

I love the way it integrates the way I use social sites right into the phone itself. Contacts show their latest Twitter and Facebook updates, the photo application pulls in your Facebook photo feed and Xbox Live is baked right in.

The interface is pretty snappy too and has a distinct Minority Report feel to navigating. Even Bing trumps the Google interface in Safari on the iPhone. I never thought about having search built right into the phone before, but now that I’ve played with it I want it in my next iOS update. The phone feels like Zune 2.0 which isn’t a bad thing, I always found the Zune interface to be both sleeker and smarter than the old iPod interface.

So will this little demo session make me switch my Apple allegiance? No. But that’s more about the Apple ecosystem that I’ve bought myself into over the years than this fresh, new idea of what a phone should be.

To be honest, it makes my iPhone feel boring, which is a huge feat when you consider it’s Microsoft that’s exciting me. So if anyone has one they’d like to lend me for a week, I wouldn’t say no. 



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