New Thing #4: Eating Aloe Vera



I found this bag of Aloe Vera cubes at the grocery story and just couldn’t resist picking it up. I mean, it’s not the type of thing that you would normally think of putting in your mouth is it?

Since my past experience with the plant begins with treating burns and ends at that special ingredient in my Irish Spring I figured it was mostly medicinal in nature. Surely it shouldn’t sit atop your ice cream sundae as the packaging suggests. And I wasn’t wrong in my reservations.

The sweetness from the simple syrup it was soaking in was almost immediately replaced with the taste of dish soap. The texture was both firm yet suddenly made the move to gelatinous. The sliminess of the outside, coupled with the almost vein like stripes seen through the translucent cube gave the whole thing a look of week old fish found in a warm corner of some dodgy restaurant’s fridge.

All in all, not the best thing  I’ve eaten, but certainly not the worst.



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