New Thing #2: T&T Supermarket



Growing up in Grimsby, Ontario I had a lot of jobs: paperboy, fruit picker, greenhouse worker, etc. But where I spent most of my employed time was Lotus Gardens, the local Chinese restaurant. Originally from Hong Kong, the owners had spent time in The Netherlands and mastered Indonesian cooking as well. When they moved to Canada they opened a hybrid Chinese Canadian and Indonesian food restaurant that brought in patrons from around the province. It also meant that I got to eat some kickass food every night for free.

I started there as a dishwasher in high school and paid my way through college on a waiter’s salary and tips. After seven years I was more family than employee. 

I delighted in Ma Pao Tofu, Bami Goreng and a host of other dishes nightly. And although I never went near a wok I think my love of cooking started there.

So today I went to the T&T Supermarket off Cherry Street in Toronto. They specialize in Asian products and ingredients, and boy, they don’t disappoint.

I spent an hour wandering the aisles, picking up a few things here and there for a stir fry I plan on making tonight. I also found countless new things to try that I had neglected to put on my list like blue chicken. Others, like marinated shredded pig’s ear will be a definite treat when I run out of things to try.

To top it all off, the shopping baskets can either be carried or pulled along on wheels . A fantastic little touch to a great shopping experience.



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5 responses to “New Thing #2: T&T Supermarket

  1. joe

    Blue Chicken? Does it come like that naturally?

  2. Anonymous

    Joe, it is natural. It’s actually known as a black chiken as far as I know, but it looks blue. Here’s a wikipedia article.

  3. Tammy

    Hey Dan, I like your blog. T&T is one of my favorite haunts. May I suggest, if you haven’t already tried it, Korean kimchi (‘Mat’ brand in the red & green tub is my fave) or ‘Wang’ toasted seaweed (yum) and lastly red bean rice cakes. The red beancakes are made by Twin, come in a package of 6 pastel colored balls that have a unique texture both in your hands and in your mouth..Have fun with the new things. Great idea!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks For the kind words Tammy. Kimchi is on the list and has always been something I wanted to try. I was thrilled when I saw it during my rounds at T&T (although I think I’ll stick with the jarred version instead of the 2 gallon tubs). 🙂

  5. Tammy

    Hey Dan, I’ve got a few Korean recipes on my blog if you’re so inclined. Super easy and yummy with kimchi:

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